The institution was established to carry out works and provide services in order to implement the powers of the Novosibirsk region government authorities in the sphere of science provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

About the activities of the fund

Novosibirsk Regional Fund for the Support of Science and Innovation is a regional institute for the development of the innovation system of the Novosibirsk Region.

Currently, the Foundation, in cooperation with professional partners and experts, promotes the commercialization of scientific and technical projects, the expansion of cooperative ties, the possibilities for the development and financing of innovative projects.


Expert evaluation of the results of research and innovation projects, involving professional experts;

Advising and assisting in business planning, legal protection of the results of intellectual activity, certification, promotion to the Russian and international markets;

Consultation and assistance on participation in programs supporting innovation development institutions;

Advising and facilitating the interaction of the project team with investors, technology brokers, potential industrial and business partners;

Assistance in the formation of the team, the development of managerial and entrepreneurial competencies;

Presentation of an innovative project at specialized events, in catalogs, electronic information resources.

With the support of the Foundation, conferences, forums, festivals, exhibitions and other events are organized to promote cooperation in the scientific, scientific, technical and innovative activities, seminars, trainings, round tables, accelerating programs aimed at developing and improving the level of managerial and entrepreneurial competencies in the field of innovation activities.

The fund is the operator of the presentation and image event of the Novosibirsk region - the Siberian Venture Fair